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Ancient History

Legacy of the Elder Gods by M. Don Schorn

By M. Don Schorn

because the moment quantity inside of this carrying on with e-book sequence, this magazine finds additional validation of the Elder Gods concept. each one quantity used to be written as a stand-alone booklet, permitting this trilogy to be learn in any order. extra documentation derived from historic texts and arcane ancient files recommend that otherworldly beings bestowed mammoth wisdom, cultural presents, and complex degrees of expertise upon the early civilizations of Earth.

Discover the purpose at the back of the extraterrestrial improvement of our human species, and the genuine goal of delivering historic information and support to the early population of our planet. find out how a number of non secular ideals were altered when you consider that their historic inception. The Elder Gods idea addresses those issues, whereas additionally answering many different cryptic mysteries, including:

* Did all lifestyles inside of our sun procedure originate from a standard seeded source…a common spore?

* used to be the idea that of faith delivered to Earth from the stars?

* What function did the writer have in helping rising species through the universe?

* Why have been particular extraterrestrial presents bestowed upon humanity in the course of Earth's distant past?

* observe the tactic used to impart complex wisdom to choose people inside of historical studying Academies.

* discover the genuine nature and reason of the traditional Ones…the primordial and mythical Seven Sons.

* know about one other species of Elder Gods that a malevolent pursuit…and might pose a danger to our sunlight system.

* observe how our sleek wisdom of cosmology is barely now achieving parity with historical understanding.

* notice proof indicating alien bases have existed on our moon due to the fact that archaic times.

* Does an old cosmic protecting boundary exist round the territorial house of Earth?

* Is sleek alien craft job attached with historic Astronauts?

* Why are just sporadic money owed of extraterrestrial visitations pointed out in our historic texts and records?

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